Wedding Hairstyle: Is an Updo for me?

Wedding Hairstyle: Is an updo for me?
There are many brides out there who can’t figure out how to wear their updo for their wedding. Here are some tips to help our gorgeous brides decide on a hairstyle for their special day.

Pros: There aren’t too many occasions to wear your hair up, so why not go all out on your wedding day. Many different styles available; it lasts all day thanks to hairspray and pins. Cons: It takes a lot of pins to hold the hair intact so it may feel heavy and uncomfortable.

When choosing an updo, here are some face shape tips:

Oval Shape: Almost anything works for this face shape. Either completely pulled back, soft waves or bangs!
Round Shape: A hairstyle with accents will look great. Anything with curls or bangs to elongate the face shape.
Heart Shape: Side parting or side bangs works great with a heart shaped face. Rectangle Shape: Pulled back hair looks great! You can always add some side short bangs.
Triangle Shape: Some nice volume on the crown of the head would really make a difference. It will elongate and soften up the face.
Square Shape: Wavy or curly updos look the best for square shaped faces. It looks softer when there are loose wavy strands around the face.

Good luck with your hairstyle!

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