Vagabond Grillyard, Grills and Thrills

Burgers and beer have been the latest and greatest duo. LA definitely has a variety of up and coming burger bistros that serve quality eats. But Vagabond Grillyard is different. They are by far one of the most versatile burger amenity for you and your guests. Literally, under a tent and grill, they serve one of the top grass feed dry aged beef burgers in town! They have collaborated with Los Angeles bars: No Vacancy and Verdugo Bar, to give locals the perfect beer paired burger without the need to actually be at an event to taste it. Vagabond extends their excellence to weddings, private and corporate parties. It has been a trend to bring services like Vagabond Grillyard around the late evening hour of weddings to grill great burgers and the like for guests. Vagabond Grillyard truly brings their vibrant catering experience while providing their finest service to all. So the next time you’re craving a gourmet burger, check with their calendar to catch them at a local bar near you!

Needless to say, contacting Vagabond Grillyard for your next event would be an innovated experience!

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