The Talent Behind Petals LA

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Saco Sarkissian, owner and creative director of Petals LA. I have been a fan of Saco’s work for some time now and, I am pleased to say, his charm and love for his craft far exceeded what I had imagined.

Saco gained industry recognition for his modern floral artistry and event design. His story has an organic progression. He grew up working in the family business, which led him to start designing floral arrangements in his garage. From there, he slowly began to grow his own business through his talents and exceptional client relations. With his gain in popularity and much success, he was able to open a gorgeous boutique, which, driven by his talents, quickly grew to boast a full team of designers and processors. The boutique is absolutely stunning and has pistachio colored walls, inspired by Laduree.

Recently, Saco designed the floral arrangements for Joanna Krupa from Real Housewives of Miami. There were endless candles, white roses, and hydrangeas floral arrangements. There is nothing Saco can’t do; his talent, creativity and impeccable taste is truly endless.

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