The Planner-We-See is now the Bride-to-Be!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@yvettehart), you’ve seen that I recently got engaged. Our love story begins as two LA locals whose paths cross as European tourists. What was planned to be a Euro trip with my girlfriends actually turned to the very destination I met my soulmate. It just so happened that he was on a trip himself, relaxing abroad from the states. As we both returned from our travel we figured out that we had mutual friends. Talk about a small world! We have been dating for two years, until a very special day when I became his fiancé. While I was supposed to meet my friend for dinner, instead, I was escorted to a private room. Through each step I took toward the door, my curiosity grew deeper. As I entered the room, it was sparkling with white rose petals and candles everywhere; and there he was, on one knee!

Here we are! Now getting ready to plan our own wedding, the very day that marks the beginning of our lives as husband and wife! As I begin this process, I will blog about different wedding topics that interest me. Nonetheless, I’ll be sharing the latest wedding trends and ideas for all you brides-to-be!

As an event planner that shares all the amazing experiences’ of many newlyweds, this was my engagement proposal story to launch our monthly blog. I would love to hear your story and share it with all our followers. Please send us your story and a picture of you and your husband-to-be at


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