Midnight Snacks

It’s your wedding night and the clock just struck twelve. The bouquet has been tossed, the garter has been thrown, cake has been eaten and everybody is partying on the dance floor. No one wants this exciting night to end, so when you realize no amount of alcohol is going to keep your guests awake, it is time to whip out the midnight snacks!

The possibilities for midnight snacks are endless. You could give your guests something sweet like milk and cookies or donuts, mini pancakes, cupcake in a jar or even s’mores!

You could even have something filling and savory, like mini sliders with chocolate milkshakes and fries, grilled cheese, hot dog in a bun, or delicious mini tacos!

After your snacks are handed out to guests, they will be re-energized and ready to dance until the sun comes up.

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