Bridesmaid Dress Trends

How else could a bride exchange her “I do” without her bridesmaids? They are her confidants and the exclusive group of ladies standing beside her on that magical day. They have been her support through life choices and even when it came to selecting the dress and their dresses! Nonetheless, bridesmaid trends are a-changing and we’re into the latest and greatest styles.

Here are the top three trends for our bridesmaid Spring/Summer 2014 collection: single-shoulder dresses, pastels, and mismatched.

The asymmetrical style balances a chic and pleasant look. We see our bridesmaids elegantly in their neutral gowns. This color scheme sets the tone for a serene setting.

The neutral palette have definitely worked its way into the trends of fashion. Brides choose pastel colors to accentuate the femininity of their bridesmaid and while keeping a modest appeal.

It keeps things different rather than seeing multiple bridesmaids walking down the isle with the same dress. Mismatched dresses give flexibility to the bride and bridesmaids. Each dress can be selected based on color and style best flatters the bridesmaid. As we see in the photo, the dresses could be of different length, style and color.

This last image includes it all!

Overall, bridesmaid dresses options are very accommodating to the bridal party ladies. It requires a lot of patience and time, but the effort is well rewarded.

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